Requirements for a mortgage portfolio purchase

The documents asked for by the financial institution as part of the needs for a mortgage portfolio buy are similar to those of the initial application for the loan. The list is short. This is exactly what you need.

Based on Law 546 of 99, mortgage loans can be prepaid (full or partial payment from the housing loan before the decided date), without any penalty and moreover, they can be transferred to another organization if you prefer (purchase associated with portfolio). This so that simply no penalty is allowed when it is decided, because you are completely entitled.

Most of his activity is supervised by the Good Finance  associated with Colombia.

Let’s take a check the list. If you provide everything, your mortgage profile purchase request can be authorized quickly.

Private documents

  1. Transaction schedule of your mortgage loan or last statement. The bank should observe the credit conditions (to determine if the rate can improve) and your behavior as a borrower.
  1. Copy of CC (Colombian Citizenship Card) of the folks who will take the new credit.
  1. Evidence of income: it depends on if you are dependent or independent (professional with fees, SME business owner or entrepreneur) and revenue level
  1. If you are independent, you have to show the time of your action.

Property or home Documents

  1. Duplicate of the Certificate of Custom and Freedom

Documents for banking institutions

  1. Appraisal research of the asset to evaluate its value and comfort to mortgage. This evaluation is coordinated by the financial institution.
  1. At the time, the mortgage raising certificate issued by the 1st bank will be required so the new bank can make up the new mortgage
  1. In some cases, banking institutions may request a wellness statement (keep in mind the information must be true)
  1. Lawful contract in which the amount, transaction method and other conditions are usually agreed
  1. Minute and action with the mortgage in favor of the newest bank.

Documents you don’t see

  1. The bank can verify your financial situation in the Risk Center. You know, it is going to look at the behavior you have experienced with business credits, bank cards, and account management.
  1. The bank will study your credit capacity based on your month-to-month income. It will look when you have recently acquired new commitments, such as more quotas upon credit cards or free location credits.

These are the general requirements. In fact, your advisor at Great Finance will help you with all the needs for a mortgage portfolio buy.