Private loans and private loans

Private loan

Private loan

There are still plenty of gaps in the legislation that offer the possibility to borrow money somewhere, even if there is an extreme debt situation and banker coding. Borrowing from a private person is not always cheaper . Therefore, always request a free quote from commercial companies to see if this cannot be done cheaper.

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Getting deeper into debt by borrowing extra money is usually not a good idea. Even when it comes to a loan from a private person or other lender, it is not advisable to take out more loans. After all, it is not possible to meet the repayments, which creates an even deeper financial gap.

It is advisable to seek help in the event of a large debt burden, for example by contacting a debt broker or by presenting the problem to your bank.

The past haunts you

If it is no longer possible to borrow money from the bank, you can take out a private loan. If the bank can no longer borrow money, it may be due to the past, in which a code has been created at the banker. The banker in Tiel namely records loans, but also problems with repaying a loan. Even if you now have a top income, the banker past can continue to haunt you.

Even if you have not incurred any debts yourself, but your ex-partner, for example, this can be an obstacle for a bank to provide money in the form of a loan. In such a situation, it is possible to borrow money privately from someone else or through a private lender, which offers the possibility to borrow money without a banker review prior to it. This is also called borrowing with banker.

A private credit company also naturally wants to see the money lent back and will therefore set conditions for it.

A private loan is also called a private loan, but there are differences. This is a credit that is not taken out with a bank, but for example through a family member or friend, where the parties can determine the conditions themselves.

What exactly is a private loan?

What exactly is a private loan?

A private loan is a form of credit that is not taken out with a bank and offers multiple benefits. For example, a longer term may be agreed, but interest may also be lower or declared not applicable at all.


The conditions can be agreed by the two parties to a private loan. It is therefore a particularly flexible way of borrowing money with the advantage that the money can even be made available immediately.


It is not necessary to have the conditions of a private loan recorded with the notary. A property can be purchased with a private loan, but a private loan is also a good alternative for financing a car.


In the case of a private loan, it is important to put the conditions on paper and provide them with a signature from both parties. That can prevent any problems.

Tax benefit

Tax benefit

Even with a private loan, a tax advantage can be gained, just as is the case with regular loans, but the conditions set for this must of course be met.


A low interest rate can be agreed between both parties. With a private loan, the interest will almost always be lower than the bank would have charged.