Payday loan is undergoing a renaissance!

One of the least reputable constructions a few years ago, it has gained customer confidence. But what did this take? What do I need to apply? Who and how have they restored customer confidence and brought back a culture of responsible personal borrowing? We went after him!

By January of this year, the overall turnover of payday loans is evoking the pre-crisis flowering period. At a press conference in Ebank at the end of March, we learned that it was already in 2017.

Banks have also issued $ 306 billion in payday loans, and this amount is expected to increase to $ 385 billion in 2018. However, the road to success has been difficult. Education Campaigns, Simplified Loan Application and Correct Information – These Included in Growth   pillars that restored confidence in payday loans.

Did you know?

Most banks are different   other financial institutions tried to tackle educational campaigns spectacular, but sometimes with huge interest rates. We all remember the first, very loud, convenient cash loans, with only a warning for conscious use. Concepts are only beginning to become clear in the minds of recent information campaigns.

The Full Rate of Credit, introduced in 1997, shows how much a borrower will have to pay back the borrower over a year after borrowing the loan. Institutions are required to determine the index based on a uniform method of calculation, and the values ​​to be included in advertisements are regulated, and in the case of payday loans they are usually displayed with a loan amount of HUF 3,000,000 and a maturity of 5 years.

Although the level of awareness has risen, the range of questions that have arisen has been narrowed down to a bunch that is relevant to the present day, with the help of which all relevant details are revealed. All on Most payday loan (APR: 11.1% -20.3%)   example:

Who can take out a loan?

Who can take out a loan?

Virtually everything is capable of action   a natural person who is subject to a positive credit assessment (although the minimum age may vary from bank to bank), but there are of course other conditions for applying for a loan that, while seeming like haircuts, are actually protecting the borrower as well as the bank. Just as it is in the interest of the lender to be able to repay the loan, the exact repayment is as important to the client. Banks are usually the following major   there are requirements for the claimant, but of course there may be differences.

Both the debtor and the debtor

  • must be 23 years of age or older at the time of application
  • The claimant must have a permanent, registered residence in Hungary – which is based on the assumption that he can be found at a fixed address.
  • A condition is that you have a landline or mobile phone number to which you can access and
  • regular, independent income from retirement or work. On Ebank Now payday loan   in the case of at least HUF 80,000 (without a debtor), but may be higher than other financial institutions.
  • A further condition is that the claimant may not be on the negative list of the Central Credit Information System (KHR, formerly BAR).
  • Your job may not be subject to liquidation, liquidation, execution or bankruptcy – so your current regular income will probably continue to be regular so you will be able to repay it .
  • It is essential that the claimant work at his or her current job for at least 3 months and that he or she should not be on sick pay or notice at the time of claiming.
  • In the case of a self-employed person, you must provide proof of at least two years’ employment and one full fiscal year.
  • In the case of employment abroad, the loan may not expire more than six months after the expiry of the work permit.
  • The above conditions apply to a pensioner claimant only if the client is working on a pension and also requests that the income from the pension be taken into account when qualifying.
  • It may be important that income from a part-time job may also be taken into account if the conditions for a part-time job are met.

One of the very attractive features of payday loans is their free use. From home renovation to orthodontics, you can use it for anything you want.

Even debt settlement

Even debt settlement

Debt settlement has become an increasingly popular, and very realistic, target in recent times. We all know the potential downsides of borrowing errors. However, we do not necessarily have to bear the consequences for many years to come. With Ebank we can arrange the following loans for payday loans :